It Would Only Make Sense.

I've always felt this. I am so out of place in this world, and seriously mind-******. No one in my life even wants to HEAR about my issues, let alone help me with them. On top of that, it is incredibly, horrendously difficult for me to connect with people... or even allow them to get close enough to connect. I have a reoccurring wall that pops up whenever I find myself interested in someone. At least I know what my talent in life is-- keeping my distance.

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4 Responses May 12, 2010

meow.... I want to help take care of my partners baggage-i want her help too.

Woah, wait- a woman's baggage is somehow attractive to you? Now that, my friends, is an admirable man... admirable, or insane. lol.

Vulrenability is sexy? Go figure? When is someone more vulrenable than when admiting past weaknesses?

I have a case of dacryphilia but it's more than that, feeling needed? That is a turnon.

it's telling at how much gender sterotypes fail that one of my biggest fantasies is (Not for her to suffer just for this to happen. That would be wrong) but for a naturally occuring event to transprie in such a way that I end up "comforting" said partner back to good.

I really don't get, how one could stare at someones inner child like that and not see it that way. Sex and emotional support go together-liike peanut butter and chocolate. Why do so many people split them?

Wow... you have a truly inspirational and unique concept of personal attraction. I have to admit, I haven't come across many men with inherent desires like these, and that is unfortunate. I don't mean to speak against the male population as a whole, but it seems to me that the majority of men aren't nearly as skilled at responding to a woman's inner child, let alone even *detecting* it. Once again, I don't mean that disrespectfully towards them... just a compliment towards you. Very, very cool. :)

"I have a reoccurring wall that pops up whenever I find myself interested in someone."<br />
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*Sign* ya, some people are like that. <br />
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How are people going to befriend you and give you what you want if you create wall everytime the light of hope /friendship shines through the crack?

Just take it slow man. After your heart quits beating all fast, just go for it, and you'll be glad you did. :)

Sometimes it takes time to find people who will truly listen to you and not judge you, who will want to know and accept you as you really are inside. But they exist! I'm sure of it. Take your time to get to know the people around you and let them get to know you slowly. When you feel the wall coming, make an extra effort. And if you are not successful the first times, don't give up!<br />
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You might end up with only one person being able to understand you in a 100. But believe me, this one person will make all the effort and time spent worth it.