Terrified Actually

It seems thats where im heading at the moment. Im not sure i can change it but ill try. All i can do is my best. All i can do is try. Nothing is certain right? as long as i try to enjoy everyday i wont regret it. As long as i dont listen to what my family says about me...maybe theyre right about me, maybe i wont amount to anything, i mean theyve been with me since i was born...but maybe theyll end up wrong. I dunno whether i should believe them about me. I dont think im useless i just think im discouraged right now. I dont want to give up just yet. I feel like just a little more and ill find my happiness. Just a little more, and everything will fall into place.
Life is sort of a gamble after all >> if everyone keeps you from taking risks then you dont win anything.
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Wow you are too young too worry so much about this! I am not sure why your family would tell you that you will amount to nothing but i would definitely take a look at the relationship you have with your family. They are supposed to support you not tear you down. Of course you are not useless and yes you just sound discouraged right now and that is okay. Forever is a long time and you have your whole life to make it whatever you want !

"elevator goes up, elevator goes down""elevator goes up, elevator goes down""elevator goes up, elevator goes down""elevator goes up, elevator goes down""elevator goes up, elevator goes down"<br />
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it sucks, some stupid kid pushed all the buttons and now you get to go on a joy ride you didn't want to. Moral of the story, find kid, beat the crap out of him, stick him in elevator, push all the buttons.<br />
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All joking aside, don't feel hopeless, eventual you will get to where you want to go.

Maybe if you don't want to end up being alone, you should stop dwelling on it here on the internet and go spend some time with actual people. I know the point of this story isn't to actually try to solve the problem, just sayin...

Sometimes people forget to notice the sunshine because they see it brighten their world everyday..your family's like that towards you..I bet they'll notice the darkness when you're gone..