What to Do?

I'm just worried that i'm not getting any younger and that their just is so few nice single girls around or they are so hard to meet. Don't want to make a big mistake for fear of being alone either. its a real worry.
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6 Responses Jan 7, 2008

I feel like that all the time. Only I'm a girl looking for a guy. Sometimes I lose hope...

she's out there somewhere...=)

You sound like a great guy and I'm sure you'll find the lucky girl!

Hi buddys,<br />
<br />
I have felt that way aweful many times.<br />
<br />
I used to desperately wish that i have some decently good looking chick i can take to the disco,and when i had wads of cash every weekend,but no one.<br />
<br />
but crazy as life is,i have a chick who is pestering me to take her to a disco ,and i have no money or the mood,since iam in business complications,and feel sorry iam letting her own and tiring her patience out.<br />
also becos i have another GF now whom i dont want to be hurt.<br />
<br />
but as one friend says i got all that after rowing hard.<br />
not givingup and making so many tries.<br />
<br />
And one thing i tell u,when u most want it ,u never get it.<br />
maybe becos u mishandle the situation,u mess it up.<br />
<br />
U musnt giveup and keep trying.easy to say but its tough.<br />
girls can be very cruel if they find u r desperate.<br />
they enjoy doing hurt.<br />
i guess guys are no different with desperate girls.<br />
<br />
but u need to overcome them,and keep trying.<br />
<br />
mean time, i can only tell u,i have felt exactly like that once and had been through this.<br />
so i know how it sucks.<br />
but dont worry.<br />
it will fix itself ,of course u need to some homework.<br />
<br />
the real joke is,it happens when u dont want it.infact i laugh at it thinking back.<br />
<br />
also certain geographical locations are not simply favorable to it.if u have been in the same town for long,then that proves it.<br />
<br />
u need to travel.go fareast or the south americas.<br />
u will atonce feel very much like casanova,believe me.<br />
becos some locations ,the girls go for foriegners.<br />
<br />
in my own town,i have always had a miserable score when it comes to dating.when i moved and worked some other country,man ...it came down pouring.so many girls....<br />
<br />
so if u can go Brazil or some such place ,do it.<br />
also back packers let u in very nicely.<br />
<br />
so do something man.but be cool.<br />
<br />
if u r stuck in a lowpaid job and cant travel,even then u always have urself to improve.learn an instrument.<br />
<br />
Need not even master it.just do the practice and play it openly.i once wished a certain girl who put me down to come around.<br />
4 months after i kept playing the guitar,i was actually only learning u see,she came back to see me.<br />
ofcourse i blew it big time by fighting again,but i had got her back where i wanted.<br />
honestly i dont know if i couldve had her which is a different story,if she is into u,certainly it helps .<br />
<br />
so learn the keyboards or piano or sax or guitar.whatever,<br />
u can even do it urself.buy the begginers books of chords,a cheap basic instrument and start off.<br />
<br />

Hey Take leave from you r job for a month and go find yourself a girl.........

Sparkster : Get off of here. Get your butt on line. Go check out "Craig's List". Do you know about CL? It's a world-wide spot, where people gather to buy, sell, and trade merchandise, but they have a free singles column, as well. From what I hear, a lot of folks have found mates/partners that way. Give it a try. It's free, and many of the ladies there post photos, as well. <br />
<br />
*He who sits in chair, and waits for duck to fly into mouth, will be hungry for a LONG, long time. >>> Get moving, buddy >>>