We Are Afraid Because We Suffer From The Disney Syndrome..here's My Insight

For all of you out there please excuse my poor english, since is not my first language.. but I want to share my theory of why I think we woman are seriously damaged.. is not our fault really!!

I remember not so long ago when people used to say that dating was easy.. maybe back in out parents time? You just were meant to find the perfect man and you spent your entire youth years preparing to be the perfect woman, People in society would have consider you a successful woman if you found a well educated man, got married and had at least your first kid before you turn 30, easy right?
Then female revolution came along, and we decided we wanted the same rights as man do, and that meant getting an education, becoming independent and earn our right to choose our man, this is all pretty basic and it sounds completely accurate and fair.
We are from the generation where women no longer have to fight for their rights, we were born with them, and since the day we bought our first lip stick we are pretty much in control in how the hell we live our life.
But we have a tiny bit of a problem here, even though society, women in general, have taught us to stay real, and be independent, (and lets face it we are pretty good at it), we have what I like to call the Disney tale syndrome, is like a disease you are born with; the day you start to realize and understand life, people will often whisper in your ears that your main goal in life is to be independent, successful, beautiful, goal oriented etc, etc. At the same time and with the same intensity as soon as you start to mumble words you are encouraged to be submerged in the fantastic incredible world of Disney’s fairy tales where the main storyline is.. guess… yes!!..the poor little princess who had nothing in life,  who had no goals or major obligations and all of the sudden a prince charming appears with all his perfection and opulence to rescue her from the sad life she had up until then, and to take her to her dream life where she will live happily ever after….  Sight!....
Off course after probably 15 years watching these kind of stories, and having people encouraging this sort of mantra in your life by giving you presents related to these stories you kind of get feed up with it…
Stuff like the first kiss comes up and the first time you have sex also appears and you realize nothing is as charming as the stories you used to watch or hear.. I mean let’s be real who would of think that kissing meant sticking your tongue all the way to the guy’s throat and getting all of his drool in yours? Not very princess like right? Or how about the first time you ever had sex?, not many girls can say it was with a prince charming… it hurts like hell and well you couldn’t be any clumsier. I just can’t imagine snow white getting all sexed up or dancing to a pole to get her prince up and going.
So when we, girls, face this phase of life the industry couldn’t come up with anything better than romantic comedies, how to lose a guy in 10 days stuff, or my best friend’s wedding. Hollywood claims that these stories are true, and they represent it that way, so after a few hundreds of those movies we end up believing that our life as a single successful woman couldn’t be any better until, yes the prince charming once again and now in the form of a absolutely astonishing twenty something year old man in a Harley Davidson, with serious commitment issues, comes along and puff as a work of art, when he meets “that” girl he suddenly decides he wants to commit and..well we all know how the story ends.
Who wouldn’t want to be a life version of Kate Hudson who ends up with awesomely hot Matthew Mc Conaughey  in how to lose a guy in 10 days?, or to end up falling in love after having a sexual affair with Ashton Kutcher  just like Natalie Portman did in no strings attached?
After all this; does anyone still asks why we women are completely damaged? Why we act like we are independent women only to realize that deep inside we all have issues, and these issues are clearly man issues….
At the end ladies, we all are suckers for romance, even the ones that like to say other wise, even though we are damaged, and seriously bipolar from time to time we can’t help it to like it when some of the stories in real life ends like in the movies don’t we?
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4 Responses Oct 21, 2011

absolute truth...I agree with your point of view

I know plenty of men that don't care whether they marry/remain single or not. As a man I wanted to emulate my late father, I thought by the time I was 35, I would have 3 children and a fat mortgage. I educated myself, I bought the house, I have a collection of muscle cars, my everyday car is worth six figures, but no wife.<br />
<br />
I really tried to find someone many years ago, but came to the realisation that its not going to happen. Women just want different things today, I look at my mother, she would rule the household and my father would work to pay for it all. I wanted the same thing, I've done well financially, I just wanted someone to share that with.<br />
<br />
Now I'm in my early forties and have given up on dating a western women altogether, no offense, but you do my head in.<br />
<br />
I find girls from other cultures still hold old world values, this appeals to me and many men I know. <br />
<br />
As for dying alone, think of this way, it won't matter whether you have someone holding your hand when you're about to die, we all die alone in the end.

my husband cheated on me. I could not take it. he left me with two boys 9 and 3. my indian mother says that I did a mistake pointing out and fighting on my husband's adultery. I should have ignored his private affairs and pretended as if I did not know anything. This way I would have saved my marriage, and father for my children. I wish my husband was a family ,man like you.

thank you for your story, this waz worth sharing and reading about. i agree with your analysis of women's lives because this is exactly how it goes for many of us. thanks again, i rated this one up and favourited.

Thanks for your comment Arelya, Im glad you enjoyed the post... and yes I find this pretty common among us women, and it seems its getting harder as we grow older.... I particularly miss the time when boys and girls could get along naturally without being stigmatized so much by society

think its just as much problem for guys as reality and fantasy grow further apart as things like cyber and electronic gadgets get in way of human emotions.

i agree with your response too... men must also be suffering greatly with these social mis-matched ideas and erroneous doctrine. thanks for your views too.