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I Know How You Feel..

I have issues trusting men because of my past experiences with them. Yet I never stop believing because I do not want to have any regrets in life. After a one year relationship that had ended on his part, I was lost and very hurt. All the plans and dreams that i had was gone. I had to start again. I had quit my full time job and moved to a new house and had to work part time while I try to find a full time job. I started smoking again because I was stressed. How can I ever trust someone again after this.

What if I can never go through the process of knowing someone again, trust someone, let him into my life.
What if I end up alone?

JarofHarts JarofHarts 26-30, F 5 Responses Jan 26, 2012

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to have loved and lost is better than to not have loved at all,,,hold your head high and be more carefull with your emotions ,and learn to love again

My words here can only but fail.<br />
Trying to comfort to no avail.<br />
Hold head high be proud of you.<br />
One day a lover will be true.<br />
The road is not clear for an easy trip.<br />
Take each step carfully but plan for a slip.<br />
Each time you slip If he is THE guy.<br />
He'll reach out with love understanding why.<br />
<br />

u made me cry.

Sorry not my intention please forgive me.

its ok... its better than anything stupid

Again with your permission may I add the poem to others and dedicate to you. It's your poem. It for you, about you and probarly means little to anyone else. or I'll be happy to delete it so it's just a memory for you.

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I understand the pain what you are feeling still really so weird for me. Don't be hectic its a life always goes on so many fluction and infatuation happens then its better for us to stay with happiness. I might be think and I also bless that time will heal you.<br />
Be optimistic may be new sun will shine, new inspiration you will get and wonderfull partner you will find in your life. If you will find any kind of difficutly or uncomfortness in your life then you will take some tips from me pherhaps, I'll help you then contact me on IM <br />
Take care ln yourself<br />
<br />
Love and blessings<br />

I don't have issue in trusting anyone. But i expect everyone to understand my limitations which i expect from myself too for others.<br />
I do want to leave people who pretend to be cordial, to only be with them who really are!

Sounds so familar. He left after nine years of marriage. I did not move because he just walked away leaving me to pay the bills. I started smoking again too. I have had to lung colapses and I am not suppose to be smoking but it is one way for me to deal. I total understand not feeling you will never trust again. You are not alone at least try and remember that.

I am sorry about what you had to go through, sometimes we put in so much but it is never enough to the wrong person. I will at times ask myself why, why me? ..I know I am never alone in this pain. The other time, about 8 months ago i had to quit smoking because of my asthma, it was so bad that even after the inhaler I couldn't breathe right. I remember that one night I could not sleep and had to sit through the whole night cos lying down worsen it. I remember promising myself I would never smoke because I do not want to go through that again...My friends could not understand why I had to start again but they too do not understand the pain we feel. We have to deal with it, not them.

Unless others have been through this kind of thing they do not realize the pain that it causes. By the way it was 12 years of marriage not nine. He has been gone nine months. Not sleeping much. Hang in there you can message me anytime.

take care ok,, I will, thank u so much.