No Longer Afraid

I am no longer afraid that I will end up alone because I woke up this morning realising I have already accepted it. There is simply something about me that has stopped people from getting close to me, not that any have ever tried. It will just mean little changes in my life. I have been holding off buying a home because I wanted to get somewhere with a backyard for the kids, but there are never going to be any. Perhaps a life of contemplative solitude is what I am really after, to read and work on my creative side.  I won't have to worry about looking attractive when I go out, that will be a plus :P
Saying all that, despite closing the door on ever finding someone, I am not going to lock it. I don't think I am going to look anymore, but will be happy if people come looking. I just want to remove the pain of constant hope and the inevitable rejection and despair that comes after it.
UniquebutnotAlone UniquebutnotAlone
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3 Responses Mar 11, 2012

I see your situation as a open door of oppotunity for independence. Some people love being independent in that sense, but you never know whats around the bend!

Aww. Man. I read a story saw ur comment checked your profile n I read your about me thing. I'm sad I did. But because you sound like a great guy and I saw this story. I really hope that you dont give up on finding somebody like you said :) But I'm happy you have stopped worrying. I think that maybe you'll find someone by doing the things you love. Being younger than you I feel stupid for giving you advice or even commenting but i feel like I have given up too, however I feel like I should remind us both that it'll just happen when it does. So for now occupy your time enjoying life. I think you sound like you're settled in life so maybe try to travel the world! Gosh that would be so cool.

i am a woman in my thirties, no children not even a partner in life with that old saying running thru my head you are an old maid, i have hope. so do not give up on hope, without that what else is left.