Mother With Fiance, Kids Dont Like Him And Want Him To Move Out

kids age ranges 11-19, they don't like it when he speaks up when they misbehave and disrespect me. They say he should move out cuz they don't like him at all. It is sad cuz I want to marry him, but don't want to have to choose, not fair. Don't know what to do, too much tension in home, feel like kids are being very selfish or maybe i am being selfish? so confused
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4 Responses Apr 19, 2012

Been there done that. Look at the whole picture not just what you like . It is important to see how long you have known him his past relationships why he is single and what his plans for the future are. See how he reacts when you ask him how he feels about his past relationship and how he feels about her. If it is a touchy subject then I would consider rethinking and step back wait and see how and if he is worth the waiting and if he is willing to ride out the storm.

I was in a similar situation so hopefully I can shed some light on this for you. Look at it from this perspective. He is sticking up for you, when you're disrespected. Your kids are going to eventually move on in their lives and move out. When my STEP kids disrespected me, luckily he had my back. That is important. So if he is having your back and trying to be a soon to be step parent, that says a lot about his character. I think he should stay.

Well of course they won't like it when they're disrespecting you and he speaks up - they want to get their own way and don't want any "intruder" messing it up for them.<br />
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If this guy is a nice guy, and has your kids best interests at heart then I know what I'd do.

my guess is if you do it right now it will not work out give the kids more time to get to know him and talk with the kids and asks them why they feel that way<br />
the kids willmake or break a realtion ship