NOTE: I have recently found love. I'll just leave this story up will people will know that they're not alone.

I'm not alone, just lonely.
I'm not unloved, I just haven't been fallen for.
It's not just a fear, I feel it's reality.
As much as I try believe there's someone out there, someone who will like me for once, I can't hold on to a thought.
I need proof. I need to hear it. I need to know I won't go through life with this terrible pain.
I need to know I won't end up alone, taunted by the fact that everyone else has their soulmate next to them.
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yes. worst part of my life is that not only my friend throw ***** at me but my family, and myself. i give them everything, but seems like no one cares. when i get problems they give ****. when they've got problems i cheer them up. that sucks.

You have some good advice going here. Ive enjoyed reading. I particularly like "desperation is the worlds worst cologne"<br />
Confidence and prayer you can't go wrong. You are super young keep your eyes and heart open. Enjoy being alone if you can. Being alone is better than being with someone and miserable.

When you find that chosen one, your soul mate, it's about sharing love and happiness, among other aspects. But you cannot share love and happiness, if you do not have it.<br />
Where must one find this indescribable love... this unmatched joy? <br />
From the Lord God, Himself, who gives it freely. <br />
You will always be ultimately unsatisfied if you don't choose to receive your needs from Him... Seek the Kingdom first, and all these things will be added onto you.<br />
He's not distant; in truth, He's very close, and He's reaching out His perfect love uniquely to you and for you.<br />
<br />
When you embark on that life-long pursuit of Him, you are fulfilled. You are at peace. His blessings bring no sorrow with it. He has much in store for you, but perhaps He knows that you need some sifting and learning to gather, first. It is so very beneficial and wise to get off the winding cycle of needless pain, frustration, and the like, and allow ourselves to be transformed as quickly as needed. <br />
You don't need to be perfect, you just need to try...<br />
Talk with Him, He knows everything and loves you unconditionally...<br />
<br />
And like you stated, you're not alone, just lonely. But that loneliness is a feeling. An illusion. Truth ba<x>sed in emotions is deceptive; emotions gathered out of Truth are accentuating and blessed. Which would you rather have?<br />
<br />
I say all this with love, friend. I empathize, and I also understand the general feelings you describe from personal experiences that felt like a lifetime. But things are more than they seem... far greater than they seem.<br />
Be blessed and centered!

someone once told me, that you may only meet your soul mate once in life, i believe i had met mine, but he is gone now. we never had sexual relations or anything, we shared a blissful kiss as tho we known each other for ever, and our thought process was uncannily the same. i could just tell we were connected, it was just one night, but he never leaves my head. if we were together, we'd be so happy. and he knows, but for some reason, he choose to loose all contact with me. he had been planning to move right before he met me, the only thing i could think of was that, he knew i could mean so much to him and he didnt wanna get involved knowing he was moving states away.

oh my, i totally feel you. I haven't been fallen for either, and i'm 23. I've loved but not received the same back. and it hurts mostly. I feel as though it is me. But i'm starting to let go of that fear. Because, i love who i am, and the person i'm becoming. i like me. and i'm not going to change because nothing about me is negative. if it were, id change it, but i have good qualities and good self image. if u have that, you will be fine. u want someone to see u for u, not who they want u to be. I haven't been fallen for, i want it badly, but i guess i'll just have to wait. sucks i know. but if you're a good person, things will happen for u.

The trouble is most people don't realize how it actually feels to be alone in life it's not just been by yourself you can be with a crowd of people and still feel lonely. It's the feeling of having nobody to share your life with the waking up in the morning and knowing that that someone special in your life is thinking about you that's what it means for me.

Seems like you understand.

You've just described exactly what I feel. thanks, now I know I'm not alone with that...

you're not alone. i have the same exact sentiments.

I know. Thanks for that.

Hey. I know how you feel. and i'm pretty sure you will be able to make a lot of friends here. Life is unfair like that. Everyone around us having something going on while we're seemingly wasting our days without another. And sometimes it gets so hard, because sometimes we want to feel our 'soul mates'. We want to KNOW that there really is someone out there who wants us just as bad as we want them. <br />
It gets hard, that's no mystery. But we go on. Because there is that little hope in our hearts. And as much as i agree with the pretending to be confident and all, id really rather have someone who would accept me as me. And not the person i seem to be. i guess i have a lot of hope. What i believe in is, if you really want it you will get it sooner or later. The journey to that goal is a life lesson.<br />
So yeah, I hope that helped ease the pain a bit. You'll be alright :)