This is kind of a hard story for me to write but here goes. My wife has been very sick over the past 10 years with MS. She has been in and out of the hospital many times, sometimes 5-6 months at a time. She is still a young person, and should not have to go through anything like this, no one should. She has lately kind of given up on life and is looking forward to the end. I understand where she is coming from, her kids are old enough to take care of them selfs, and she feels that she has nothing left to live for. From the amount of crap that she has gone through I would of put a end to it many years ago if I was in her shoes, she is a very strong person. Anyway, I never had any kids of my own, And I think that I'm to old to have kids now. I can just see it coming very soon, I will have know one. Her kids will be gone, and so will she. I will be left alone.
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The same happen to me :(

Your kidding me? I'm really sorry to here that. Maybe we could chat some time about things. Ad me as a friend if your interested. I'd love to here what you think. I women's point of view would be nice.