Not So Much

...just the idea of it happening seems quite possible at this stage. Don't know if I'm fearful of it, really. I still find myself in relationships all the time; they just don't last and I'm getting older (not old, just older) so the unknown is a curiosity looming over my decisions now.

Also, I am finding out all the strange labels I can tag to myself - labels that help define me and explain to me (and others) why I am the way I am. For instance, I recently found out I'm an Aspie. So again, not "afraid" of ending up alone (don't we all essentially die alone anyway?) but if I wanted to put an effort into NOT being alone, with all the things stacking up against me, that might be more effort than I could muster.

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When there's a will there's a way, you can never force yourself into anything you're not motivated to do.

I dont want to end up alone. Im alone now and dont like it. If I was better with talking to people I'd have a gang of friends and a girl friend. I doubt it that I'll meet her on here though because she'll read my stories and groups and go running for the hills. Lol

Well if she went running for the hills, why would you want to be with her anyway?


googles 'Aspie'

Nickname for someone with Asperger's Syndrome, or AS.

hum... perhaps to much effort.