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Now More Than Ever

When I was young I wondered if I'd end up alone and it was a bit scary. But ever scarier now is looking at growing old, and after 29 years of marriage what life would be like if something ever happened to my wife. That kind of loneliness is much scarier.
ChipmunkErnie ChipmunkErnie 61-65, M 10 Responses Nov 12, 2012

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I have always assumed that I will be the first one to die. My wife has been prepared three times for me to die. If she goes before me, I wont last long.

I know, that's how I feel sometimes, too.

I think a lot of people feel this way Ernie. Isn't it sad and ironic that there are so many people afraid of being alone - if only there was a way for them to get together and keep each other company in old age - a sort of senior commune?

I guess that's what senior centers, churches, etc., are for in a way

yes, in a way ... but I was thinking of something more homely and where people could actually live together (and I don't mean like in an old folks home which is more regimented) ... there has to be a way to alleviate such high levels of loneliness. Just a thought.


I come and sit with this story sometimes. It comforts me. I know that sounds odd, Ernie. You wrote 3 sentences ... You didn't go on and on and on. And no need to, there is so much tenderness right in front of our eyes. Here's a hug .... Silly as it might sound to you, this might be my favorite EP story.
It stayed with me. I remember it. To me, it is so moving. Thanks Friend! Oxo

Thank you.

I'm younger than you but have such sary thoughts already. Remember sweetheart, we have at least kids. You have one daughter?


You are not alone honey, daughters usually look after their dads. ;-)

*Feels choked*

I understand that fear, completely.

I try not to think this way but it makes me appreciate my loved ones more. It also could be the other way and wonder what would be their lives if something happens to me.

I have admired the relationship you have with your wife for quite awhile now, Ernie. Posts like this tell me you two have the real deal. Keep holding each other close.

Awwww, Erniester, this makes me love and respect you even more.... You warmed my little heart and the warm fuzzies are a great feeling, but they are helping themselves to my coffee ...... You rock Chipmonk! :-)


Not needing any fuzzy fiber, thank you, I had to make a new pot! Here.... Cream? Sugar? Cat hair? ( this story was so dear... ) ;-)

that kind of love is great-your'e lucky to have it. Most of the people I have loved in my lif are gone. It's hard to deal with. but get by-cheer up and count your blessings-ypu have so many.