I lost him again </3 why does this have to keep happening to me :,(
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Dig down deep within yrself and u will know the answer if yr honest with yrself.

I am sorry you lost him and you are heartbroken. I know that not many words can be said that would make you feel better right now. :'( I hope you are able to find happiness and I can assure you that you will not end up alone. HUG

Thanks hugs

And to answer the question. How did you lose him? What was the reason to that. That way you can work on it.

You lost the same guy several times? Forget him and move on...

That's the plan

Sorry it has happening again, one day hopefully soon you will find the right one

I can't take it

Sorry chic,,, what went wrong?

He's just a player one moment he wants me the next he dont

Than he is the problem not you. Time to move on. You deserve better.

Guess I di

Now now. No guess. Its the truth. Don't be a tool. Be yourself!

That's what I'm doing I'm happy no

Kill em with kindness

Best form of revange is a dish best served cold.

If he comes cwarling back cause the girl he choose isn't you, just give him that lovely cold shoulder. And walk away!

Lol I don't even know u all and ur advice is the best

Lol that's cause I'm a guy so I know how it feels to screw up and not get another chance.

And if that picture is of you. You look pretty.

It is me in that pic lol

He is an ... Now look,,,, brush yourself down, have some ice cream then have a nice bath treat yourself to some kinda beauty treatment,,,,, get yourself a friend on the phone and arrange some nights out,,,, he will be history,,, his loss

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