I am not very pretty. I am overweight for my height. I wear glasses. I have scars on my legs from being so clumsy. I usually speak too fast and have to repeat myself to be understood. I have anxiety issues and get easily stressed out and the list goes on.

I just don't see anything very desirable about me and sometimes I wonder how I manage to keep the few close friends that I do have. But I can't imagine ever finding someone who would actually want to spend the rest of their life with me.
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you'd be surprised at how many people care more about honesty than about looks...

While I can't really say about spending the rest of my life with you, what I can say is that after talking to you for so long, I would definitely spend at least some of my life with you :)

Thanks Dan, that is oh so sweet and I know coming from you that it is also very genuine. I appreciate it immensely (:

I appreciate you just as much. You're an amazing and insanely beautiful girl (at least to me)

Awww :)

*hugs you tight* :)

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I understand how you feel, I feel that way about myself a lot and I am in my 30s. I wonder if this will ever change and if anyone would be dumb enough to be with me. But it doesn't have to be that way, I think the thing we need to tell ourselves that we are good enough and that someone will find us someday. Hope remains alive if you allow it!

I wish I could convince myself that I am good enough but it gets hard to when you are having no luck and you seem to be the common denominator with these failed relationships, lol. I do try and keep some hope on hand however, you never know right?!

Exactly! I've learned over time that it isn't easy to love ourselves, but we need to give ourselves the chance and the confidence we deserve to be happy. I'm not the best at following my own advice, but I am trying. You deserve the best and something tells me great things will happen for you and you won't be as lonely anymore.

Your advice is so great, truly! And I admire you for trying so hard to follow it. If you stay positive like that you will have no problem finding someone who will surely make you happy. You seem like a great person and they would be lucky to be stuck with you! :)

I appreciate your kind thoughts! Thank you!

Also,don't feel so self conscious when it comes to glasses. Many guy,believe it or not, like them on girls.

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I know what you feel... but I'm pretty sure that there's someone out there who'll love you the way you are :) you just haven't found him yet :o

It's hard to imagine but I hope so too!