Well... I Shouldn't Worry, Really.

 I am really afraid that I'll end up alone. I mean, I've been in relationships, but it seems like all that my partners wanted was sex. Or pleasure of some sort. And I'm kind of weak, when it comes to saying no, so sometimes I just do what they ask. And I don't think that I'm the kind of person people actually want to spend time with, I guess. It sort of feels like a lot of people use me, and sometimes, I want someone to want to be my friend, or be with me because of who I am. And I'm just really scared that it's never going to happen.

Tiana Tiana
12 Responses Mar 13, 2009

I completely agree with Justagirlxx. It is way too soon to worry about such things. I know it doesn't feel that way because you are at the latest point in your life through your own eyes but give yourself time. I'm 43.<br />
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Work on your self control. Sex IS a part of a mature relationship but it is not the ONLY part or needed to be the first part. You may find some of the guys you date get put off by this and move along. GOOD! You don't want to be with them anyway.<br />
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Give yourself time to figure out who you are and to become happy with yourself and at some point you will meet someone who is in the same place in their life. Looking back at my own life, getting married before age 25 was too young. A person changes so much between their teens and early 20s.<br />
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Never feel alone. You are surrounded by way too many people for that. :D

You are so young hun, you will find the right guy someday. When I was your age it seemed like all guys wanted was sex also, because, well, that IS all a teenage guy wants. Work on your ability to say no, stand your ground and start respecting yourself, it's NOT too late! And don't worry about finding the man you are going to marry yet. You have a long time to find the one. For now, learn and grow from your relationships, that's why you are experiencing things, to learn from them.

If I knew what I know now I would have avoided a lot of troubles in my life. People who are sweet and kind attract sociopaths and narcissists. It is not our fault. Google sociopaths and Narcissists to learn about these kind of people so you can better protect yourself. Myself, being that I was sexually abused molested starting at age three I also had a hard time saying no. I have learned that if someone is not your ideal don't settle for less. By Ideal I mean someone who is nice and kind and respects you. I finally found love a couple of months ago. See with the other guys I always thought well no one is perfect. They just don't know better. Well I was wrong. Please do the googling the information will help you a lot in choosing what kind of person you don't want to be with. This way you will understand the Red Flags and know what to look for.

I feel the same way too. I've also been there where the guy was just going out with me to get sex, and then found out that I don't just put out left. I guess we're just better off without them. But still, there's always that fear there won't be anyone in the end.

Please don't think all guys are that way. We are not. Consider the ones that left a GOOD THING. You are weeding out the ones that give gentlemen a bad name. Stick to it and don't rush it. In the mean time. Have fun dating and enjoy the company.

Ditto with DanaeSoibhan.

Time to mix with a better crowd......one where sex is not the first thing on their mind......go to a church singles activity.....there is no pairing up and everyone has fun

well, maybe you think so, but i'd rather be loved in undesirable ways than not at all. but that's just me. maybe that's my problem.

i'm alone too but @ least i'm not in a bad relationship & i'm greatfull for that. make ne guy ur with like u for the right reasons, u deserve that much. it might not seem like it to u but trust me, self pride is worth so much more than some attention from selfish people.


i feel that way too sometimes.<br />
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stand tough!

thanks guys :)

I'm sure I just sent this exact story as a pm to someone today or yesterday. I guess it's a popular feeling on EP, I am absolutely sure yo u dont have to worry about that, certainly not for a long time yet anyway; but you have a 'sexy brain' that means that you are intellectually attractive. So I would say you should stay on EP and see just how much people really do love you for your mind. Also you'll see just how loveable your mind is. Now I feel like a creep. But I said it and i'm not deleting. ;)

I know what you mean; it can be so tough out there sometimes. I have to say, though ... You seem like a great person. Anyone worthwhile will be glad to spend time with you, without using you.