I Lost My Wife to a Prescription Drug

Having been married just less than 2 years, I felt that I was married to the most precious woman in the world, and I was. After a year into the marriage my wife developed a pain in her lower back and was forced to have surgery for a bulging disc. Prior to her scheduled date a friend of hers began slipping her oxycontin, oxycodone, and percocet without my knowledge. Had I known this I probably wouldn't have thought much of it as I was so naive and failed to realize that one could become addicted to prescription medications.  Soon after surgery she began to recieve prescription oxycodone and I noticed a change in her behavior. Her personality was not the same. She began to exhibit all the major symptoms of an addict and we soon we fell apart. I was blamed for everything that went wrong in our marriage. I tried my best to restore what we once had but the pill was her priority. I wanted an intervention but when I confronted her she tossed me out like a piece of trash. My story is probably not the only one of it's kind so I would like to hear from you.

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I've been married four years (2nd marriage) and the first one year was great. my wife got mixed up with a family member and addicted to percocet. I took care of all the bills. when I questioned her about what she does with all the money she had an excuse and would get defensive. Money and items would go misiing and was blaming her daughter. It wasn't until 6 months ago she was caught robbbing my cousins house that she addmitted she had a problem. My cousin did not have her arrested because of me. Now all of a sudden everything is my fault. No she calls me an abusive alcoholic who caused all her problem. she is so paranoid and now blames me of go to bars to pick up women. It is not the case and i never cheated on her. Now I am torn becasue I love her but don't feel she will ever be the person I married. She is on suboxone for 6 months now. My family wants nothing to do with her. I'm lost. She hides everything excuses me of opening her mail. Im sick over this. Any suggestions?

wow dude, too many sad stories. <br />
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Good luck to you all. Unfortunately, finding the strength to deal with these kinds of issues is just too impossible.

You are so true my wife, has diabetic neuropathy, and she is helpless with out a pain med, in this case Percocet, Generic, 10 mg don't give her a 5 mg or she will have a fit. Once she has her pills she is fine, she was going to the pain clinic, and they gave her 4 a day for a month, later she started to run on, me not taking medication wanted to trust my wifes words and I called the Pharmacy and told them they failed to count her pills, boy was I stupid. Because when I did get her back to see her regular doctor, he could only give her 60 pills one in the morning and one at night. I trusted her again I even hid the pills and placed them out every morning for her. Much to my sadness she ran out 30 days to soon, so she must have found them and been lifting them without me knowing it. She will not even own up to it, she said I am a liar, it is tearing our marriage and home up, I am ready to walk out, I do not need these problems because I have epilepsey and don't need the stress and the lies and the stealing, what should I do? HELP.

My husband has multiple personalities now that he has become addicted to oxycodone. Theres the; I just took a pill happy hubby, then theres the crabby coming down hubby, and the I don't have any pills left angry hubby. It's really disturbing to see someone whom I've spent 14 years of my life with have 3 different personalities. He is totally controlled by the pills and in turn my life is ruled by them too. I give up!!!!!

That is cruel. In my marriage we owned nine cats, 4 dogs and a pot belly pig. I do not see how anyone could ever hurt those animals.

No. It's his cruelty towards animals. He would try to kill any creature that came in our yard. He even once pointed a gun at a cat that I adopted and threatened to kill it. I shielded the cat with my body and he was furious threatening to shoot me to kill the cat in my arms. Someone being that jealous of animals or other people isn't normal or safe.

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Do you think it is the drug that has impaired your judgment on how you feel about your husband?

I can so understand this. I am the one in my relationship that has been on pain meds for many years. I suffered from a very painful condition and I am not a stranger to percocet, vicodin, and even morphin. It's not the drugs that is tearing my marriage apart it's that I am not in love with my husband anymore.<br />
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Good luck to you and I'm sorry about your pain.