My Husband Is Addicted to Oxycodone, But


Hello, My story isn't my wife it's my husband. Married for 17 years, and never thought that my life with my soul mate would turn into a destraute situation. My husband has herniaded disks, he has been taking oxycodone for 7 years, dosage 40 mg, 3 times a day for 7 years straight. On top of Xanax. Well, it's a very sad  situation and I feel your pain. Some nights all mt husband does is stand up against dresser, kitchen counter and stands nodding off.  Up and down, sometimes to the point of passing out on the floor.  I have mentioned to him aboutr changing meds, called the doctor's office, and actually written doctor letter, went to office to have doctor call me. My husband has been to the point sleeping on kitchen floor, doctor never called back.  As well as your situation also, I am to blame for everything. Plus having to children who has seen dad on the floor, I am a wife who has talked about marriage counceling, if doctor can put him on different meds.  This is like being married to a devil from hell.  I can't tolerate this and when I have talked about detox, he say's no way, he needs the meds for his back. But, one of these days he will be by himself, I can't tolerate this 7 years straight, and his hygiene is poor as well.  Thank you for listening.

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I FEEL YOU, my wife is the same and its killing me real bad She smokes and burns the carpet all over and sleeps standing up and when i say something I'm the bad guy and im lost i have to where to go with this I FEEL YOU

I was addicted to Oxy after taking the drug for 5 years for chronic back issues. Pain relief was effective but side affects are pretty nasty. Constipation is a real problem and can get extreme and require digital removal of waste. Sleep deprivation led to receiving a presc<x>ription of Ambien. Within a week, the combination of long-term use of Oxy and the addition of Ambien precipitated a collapse in my emotional state. I am not a weak person and I was shocked that couldn't stop crying about the slightest little thing. This was not in character for an ex-fighter pilot. That's the power of drugs on the psyche of the mind. I took control. I built a Ipad spreadsheet for 12-week, self-managed weaning off the drug. I started by cutting the dosage by half, and then each week I scheduled daily dosages so that by week 13, I took none. It was not easy at times but definitely better than the alternative. Now, while I deal with the pain that's not completely maneageable with 2g of Acetametaphin (Tylenol), the pain is getting better. A factor is that while imobile on Oxy, I gained weight which is enemy #1 for back problems. Once the Oxy addiction was broken, my enthusiasm returned, eating habits improved, walking to fight back lingering urges and sweating out the toxins of oxy use all lead to 40# weight reduction so far. Back pain is reduced and I feel great by comparison. Life with SOME pain is better than a life of addiction if someone can deal with it. I prefer a life of unrelenting physical pain than one of agonizing mental pain. By the way, I don't blame the doctors. I went there "complaining" of the pain. They have few alternatives to zero-out the pain they can't see or accurately quantify. Be careful not to want TOTAL relief. It came with a heavy price in my case. Lastly, I kept this in mind: At the height of my dependence on Oxy, I pondered how utterly miserable it would become in a state of local or national emergency whereby the disruption of common services could take place and presc<x>riptions could not be refilled. I definitely would not want to lose my mind due to severe withdrawals while I might be needing to rise to whatever disaster situation that might require me to protect my family. Our infrastructure for pharmaceuticals would be severely impacted in the case of a number of likely scenarios over the not-too-distant future. Good luck. I hope my experiences will help someone whose situation might be similar.

Hello my story isnt about my husband or my wife my story is about my dad im 15 and was looking around the other night and found this wesite.My dad started taking oxycodon and oxycottin the year i was born so i dont really know what its like to have a good dad.He fell of a plan he was working on and had to have a steal rode put in his back.He always blames everything on my mom finally 2 years ago my mom took me and my sisters and moved she didnt devorce him becuz she thought he would change. She finally decided to get the devorce papers the other day. She used to cry all the time becuz she thought it was all her falt.Hes always scrating his face he has these sore lokking things all over his face.When we used to live together i was scared to go to sleep becuz i didnt kno if i would wake up and him have passed becuz he took to much.He can put on 2 patches and take hand fulles of oxycodone.When he doesnt have his medicine he always says he just wants to die.If i didnt have my mom i dont know wat i would have done......Anyways thanks for litening

Exactly the same sympthoms scratchig, poor hygience, falling asleep even standing up, falling asleep at dinner table atm withdraws in a pattern, your friends need to help herself, if she can't help herself, and record documentation, write, call her doctor you tried as well as I , seek legal advise, be in a safe haven, you are not alone.

Hello all my supporters it has been a long time and me need help is with my husbands or future ex husbands update, god is with me, aq minister whom baptised me 14 years ago went to law school, he became a lawyer ande know representing me, kids are still with dad, moved out 4 month ago me, reaquainted with old friends cuustody is next week ande i am in a goood spirits. My daughter wants to live with dad, but i will make a request for a school. me I am alive when i visit my children and look at him it's like wow he still takes the oxy and I went bacfk to old job 17 years ago got rehired back. I aqm scared and cry alot for the pain but no more tears pluss my name still on house. I feel that he has wrecked my self worth, this is hard for me i am lonly but in a good way, i can look my best, dressw nice and say world i am here, i am worthy, I do cry and flash back memories come back sometime, he can't take care of self and kids are suffering. When i visit and leave i cry because mom isn't their i left him. but in long run i will have my son. god blesss christine diener

I too am married to a man who has been taking oxycodone for about 4 years now. It's really sickening how the doctor just doesn't seem to care that this could be a problem. It started with taking two or four 5 milligrams a day, to him needing at least eight 7.5's a day. Unfortunately when he runs out, theres many people who he works with that have pain meds too. I've given up on trying to convince him to get help. He did for a while go to a clinic for suboxone treatments, but that ended and his pill popping started all over again. I could see how people become addicted, since I have taken a few myself and the feeling that you get can be pretty good. Its just a horrible feeling when everything has become hopeless!

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I am so sorry to hear of your situation. I am not one to give advice and will not start now but you and I seem to be in the same predicament. I love my wife but she is no longer the same person. According to the counselors I have spoken to, there is nothing I can do for her as she is now in total denial and continues to blame me for everything. Counselors warned me and I am seeing it. Since my property is still at the house while I live in a hotel, she has access to it all. Now I find that she has destroyed my $15,000 wardrobe and all of my military awards and history. You talk about being upset? I was not angry because it is what I have expected. Anyways, I have divulged more than I should have but I literally have no one to talk to regarding my situation who can listen and understand. Hope you don't go through what I have experienced. It hurts but there is nothing I can do except make myself better. Have a wonderful day

Go to counseling, with your kids, even if it's without him. You cannot make him go or stop taking his meds, but you can make it better for you and your owe them that. <br />
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Do it for them, then do it for you. He may see something that affects him to change, or see the reality of his situation, he may not, but you and your children will be better equipped to handle it and will be happier.