Dreams Are They Anything More Than Exactly That

now when i was little i dreamnt of being everything in the world a princess a firemen a doctor whatevr you name it then you know the harsh world we call reality kicked in and told me what i could and couldnt do and what are the odds? now im really tall (6'2 to be exact) and i think im pretty but i dontwant to be the clique of the tall girl who thinks she can model i know its silly nd why even aspire to be onethe odds of it happening are 1 out of infinte. i see girls pretttier taller skinnier more fashionable and all i can think is there will always be someone better right around the corner and what is stopping people from choosing her over you and that scares me and all that chase ur dreams bullcrap do u know how many singers actors dancers models want the fame and fortune and do u know how many get that 1% of them so dont chase your dreams chase your reality what society says suits you because all chasing your dreams will do is lead you to a dead end.
Tall7love Tall7love
13-15, F
Sep 14, 2012