Leave Me Alone, Please Dont Leave Me

i dont want to love you but i do, i dont want to kiss you but i do it . i dont want to be happy with you , but i am, i dont want to give you any thing ,but i give you every thing, i dont want to have your son, but i did, i didnt want to love your daughter, but she has my heart , i dont want to sleep with you, but i anly feel safe when im in your bed, i am ugly but i want to be pritty for you, i dont trust you at all, but i find reasons to trust you. i want to hate you but i dont, i want to love you , but you dont have to love me back, i dont want you to take my heart , but you have it and i dont want it back.
cutie2christy cutie2christy
36-40, F
Dec 26, 2011