Strive To Hold Back My Feelings

everytime i feel down or hurt, crying is the last thing i would want to do. all i want is to fight back even if i dont know how.  or i would just stay quiet and let the feelings subside.  i would hold my tears back even if they are almost falling. but deep inside, I WANT TO CRY SO BAD, BUT I CANT. i dont know why. probably because i'm shy, or  really dont want anyone to see how weak i am. for me, i think the person who's first to cry is the weaker one. so it kind of marked on my mind to force myself on holding back my tears.

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7 Responses Mar 12, 2010

It is said that when you see how a person can be successfull, its only because he is surrounded by those whom he calls his friends

thank you. :)

besides, if you wiah to talk, my circle is open to you if you care to join ok?

thanks for the concern and advice. i'll try not to hold them back next time. thanks. :)

Not being able to cry doesn't mean you don't have feelings hon. The point I'm getting at is, if you keep holding back tears then you are going to create aphysical problems for yourself, it isn't healthy because it could also cause huge stress on your well being. the you have this domino Affect. Crying does make you a stronger person in every way. Not only does it releave the pressure it also helps to clear your mind. in time you will find it easier to cry when you need to and I think you'll have a better perspective about youraelf as well and rethinking the notion that you are weak when you cry

RTF, i'm aware of that. but there's just this feeling that i want to hold back my tears even if i dont want to. i really hate it though. it's as if all of my feelings are locked up inside me. still something's pushing me back not to cry and act stronger.

hello MHE, did you know that the worse thing you could do is hold back the tears or keeping yourself from crying? I'll exsplain. For one, crying is the best pressure release when you are either hurt physically or emtionally. Its a great stress reducer when you are feeling anxious or stressed out.<br />
You like everyone else including myself, have it in us to cry and what ever reason there is. My point is, it doesn't make anyone weaker because they cry, as a matter of fact, they feel liberated from the stress or pain, its a release to let out the anger and pain. The person is much stronger for it too. I have this distinct feeling that you m,ay have been told to not shed a tear. Its very wrong for anyone to tell another not to cry. Tell you a little secret honey, everyone cries