Im So Scared To Drive

Ive been here in america for 4 yrs now but never drive. My husbnd teaches me to drive last yr after r faughter born and after 4 tries im done! Im just scared, palpitations, cold sweats and my heart keeps pounding like literally i can hear my heart beating. After that incident my husbnd just driving me around i stay home with my 2 yr old and im very a home buddy i dont mind being in the house w/0 going outside like 1-2 wks straight all our errands we do it together but specially my husband doesnt really mind drivin me but one day soo my parents will be here if i petition them and no of them drives too.. I just need to be motivated too so that instead o my husbad driving for them too i want to be a big help for my parents too.. Plus in 2 yrs il be 30 Nd im kinda shy to my husband doing everything for us... Pla help.. Do i have to take some meds if i need too pls give me some advice and im very willing to hear some of your comments. I want to try to drive and atleast try to be normal like anybody who really enjoys driving :(
Bvsqueen Bvsqueen
26-30, F
Aug 26, 2012