I Must Follow Through And Get My License.

Okay, so today I sat down and stared at the phone for 15 minutes before dialing. I now have an appointment set for 11:00 am Dec. 4th with a driving school. My heart is pounding even as I write this.
I've tried to have family members teach me but what they could not instill in me was a feeling of confidence. I was just to nervous driving their cars thinking I might have an accident.
Anyway, my husband has become disabled and my daughter is about to lose her license due to a DUI. No public transportation where I live. You get the point. This is a no brainer. I must drive.
Reviews on the driving school are stellar. Gonna cost a pretty penny but it will be worth it, this I know.
Anyway, I just wanted to share. I figure this is my Christmas present to myself.
Cheers to all,
barbarah66 barbarah66
56-60, F
Nov 26, 2012