26 and Stranded

Well, I have been afraid to drive for as long as I can remember.  It gets worse as time goes by.  I waited to get my permit until I was 22 because I saw no point in having it if I wasn't going to drive. I don't know if I will ever feel ready.

I am a 26 year old woman who works in the field of education.  I am currently pursuing a master's degree.  I am pretty independent, considering this one glitch.  I make not having a liscense work for me, because I have to.  I have to function...walk to work, walk to the store, depend on friends who are willing to help with shopping and such.

But it is frustrating. And embarassing. And a huge hindrance to my success.  I feel stranded.  As I said, I get by, but I could be doing so much more.

I have tried.  I do not have much experience driving, but I've gone out a few times.  The times are too few and far between to boast any progress.  I hate myself for not being able to overcome this.

The anxiety is suffocating.  I don't want to hurt anyone. I don't want to damage the car of the person who is trying to teach me. I don't want to damage someone else's car. I don't want to get hurt.  Someone could die...it happens every day.

I WANT to get over this.  If you have any useful advice(just do it, get over it, and practice are not helpful), I am open to hearing it!

Ashamed26 Ashamed26
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4 Responses Feb 6, 2009

i wish i could get that far ive graduated high school and that about it and the same age as you with two kids, i feel the exact same way and have only drove but a few times i need help as well, open for any suggestions

unfortunately, i can't offer you any useful advice, as i am terrified beyond reason of driving myself, but i just wanted to tell you that you're not alone. i completely understand your feelings. i give you a lot of credit for making the best of your situation and doing so much good with your life. you're an inspiration. :)

The fact that you live so close to work you can walk there isn't helping your situation much. You are really lucky to be able to walk to work. Since driving gives me much anxiety I have always dreamed to be fortunate enough to be able to walk to work. Taking the bus is no fun!!!<br />
Car accidents are my worst fear. <br />
You're not gonna get any better by continuing to allow your fear to steer you away from driving. <br />
Don't let it hold you back anymore. It's 2009, make it your year to overcome your fear.

I am afarid to drive also. but i am only 16 years old so yeh. but still, it scares me. seeing on the new about people getting hurt and dieing from car wrecks... uggg. it is really scary.