I Am Afraid To Drive

I feel ridiculous and a failure. My husband who always did most of the driving lost his license because he had a blackout and had to send his license back to DVLC. He can't drive for six months and that means I am having to drive. I hate it, hate and detest it.

Everybody thinks it's funny but if I were afraid to fly or of boats it would be different.  I have been driving for 28 years and I have never liked it but i have got on with it just driving locally. I always knew long distance or awkward places that my husband would drive and now he can't.  Nothing seems to make me confident enough to want to start that car up. Every journey is gone through. How will I get out of the drive, maybe I will get blocked in. Something that freqeuntly happens as we live in a close. Where willI I park. 

How can this be resolved. By me i suppose, knowone else.

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Thank you for your advice. I found that since i wrote it down it has helped to clarify the situation. When I am on my own I am ok but when my husband is in the passenger seat, it's a whole new ball game. I love him dearly but he is a nuisance as a passenger.<br />
One thing I have realised is that my parking is abysmal and really needs some work on it. Thanks again.

i do harve one thing to add to Leo's list. when parking, try to back into stalls. it it much easier to back in and drive out than to drive in and back out, even though it sounds more difficult :)<br />
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