I Don't Want to End Up Alone At An Old Age

I want a marriage to last till I am dead. I don't want to be alone. My parents have been only married for 9 years then they got a divorce.  Now they are both single and in close to 50.

TheStray TheStray
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2 Responses Apr 10, 2008

This was a fear I really had work to face when I was considering breaking up with my first wife. I knew our relationship was not very good, and that we were not well suited to each other (we got married way too young, before we knew ourselves), but the fear of not finding someone else and living alone for decades really freaked me, and caused me to delay my decision for a long time.<br />
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I finally decided that I needed to risk it, in order to fight for a better life. I was 5 years on my own, but ended up meeting a wonderful lady. We are married now 6 years, and still so much in love. We want to be together forever... I;m so glad I gave it a shot to find happiness.

ii know justwhat you mean,, my mum never married.. ii wanna marry once andd only once,, and stay wit my man till da day ii day,,a nd if possible,, after that..