My mother is always saying that I am so much like her, and that's why we get into so many arguments. I really think we are way different. Her first line of defense is anger and judgment against other people. She has hurt me emotionally in so many ways. She has no idea, either. And she never listens to anyone. When I try to talk to her, she ends up screaming at me and not talking to me for hours.

And she is always criticizing people for lying, when she is the biggest liar.

I really can't trust her at all, with anything.

And I don't want to end up like my father, because he was a cheating ******* to my mom and he was an alcoholic that was nasty to her. I don't want to be like that at all. I remember when I was a young teenager that I was actually afraid to try alcohol because of him.
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I dont think youre anything like your mom, and definitely not like your father. Im sometimes like my mom, which I hate with every fiber of my being lol, but youre not like your mom ^_^ From what Ive gathered anyway :) Lol

Well cheating only means your mom wasn't good enough for him. Alcohol isn't so bad, but the fact you act according to what your father does only shows that you will most likely to turn out to be just like your mom.