Afraid To Wed - Sorry For The Length.

My parents got married in their early twenties and I believe it was because my mom was pregnant. My whole life was been a war zone between them. Growing up with constant fighting. My mom clinging to a hope that their love still existed, my dad a brick wall. They almost divorced when I was in high school a few years ago. Just recently, it came out that my dad was on a dating site specifically for married men. Although he swore that he never met with any of these women, he was sexting them. Over time my mom uncovered that he had in fact met up with one women so my mom took an odd route. She befriended the woman. She knew that as of yet nothing sexual had happened and was hoping that if she was a mutual friend then he wouldn't go there. He did. Now they are trying to work things out and remain friends while my mom decides if she wants to divorce.

I haven't dated in six years and am terrified to date or get married. I'm afraid that I will be like my mom. So fr my track record is with liars and cheaters just like my dad. I am afraid I will settle because I'm lonely and end up living an unhappy marriage and staying there "for the kids". I know they say you marry someone like your dad.

If anyone has ever gone through something like this and still found a happy marriage, I could really use a success story. Thank you.
behun behun
Sep 15, 2013