Unfortunately, I'm Certain I Will

My parents are both dead, so, barring a very dramatic breakthrough in healthcare I will certainly end up just like them, receding into memory.
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You're human. Not a lizard, as your name implies. Stand up, face life and take care of your health.<br />
You may not live longer, but how long you live will be better.

Intrepid: What a joy to hear the name Joyce Carey referenced. He wrote, The Horse's Mouth, one of my favorite books of all time. (Also a wonderful movie with Alec Guiness.)<br />
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Brut: You can rely on me to go for the heavy themes, even if I go at them humorously.<br />
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Flutter: Nice to meet you. I must disagree - it is not about achieving anything within a given timespan. A lifetime is a complete entity, regardless of duration. The point here is that life and death are simply two sides of the same coin; to try and parse them out is madness.

Ha Ha! I was looking for a dramatic story! You got me, good morning El!

Long ago I begged God for death. Today I understand that' "All prayers are answered; sometimes the answers is yes, sometimes it is no, other times the answer is not now."

"Those who fear death, also fear life, by definition." Alistair McHarg

"In the long run, we are all dead." <br />
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-John Maynard Keynes

Good God! I didn't mean to imply I wanted to live forever - I can't imagine a worse fate. I've already lived far longer than I expected to - or had any right to. That's a big reason why I'm enjoying life so much. Human beings would be far better served worrying less about the quantity of life and more about the quality. Birth is the beginning of the death process, it's just a matter of time.

Sounds genetic if I'm reading into the situation right. In that case assuming you've got yourself ten or so years then yeah they're probably will be something in healthcare that can help you. Its called interferring RNA or sometimes siRNA/shRNA. Go read it might be just the sorta thing your looking for.