I think today was the first time my mom has ever said anything like this to me. She texted and said 'I have been concerned about you'. In some weird way this felt really good. I'm sure it's because I blew up on her a few days ago, but is it so wrong to want someone to be caring and nurturing toward you? No, it's not. To all the parents on here.. Always let your children know you want them safe & happy. No matter how old they are.. We still need to hear it!
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you know, why we are feeling different from our parents?
because we have the same personality like them in base, and the plus that we add to our personality in learning from life by our selves. that make this difference


im very grateful i have my mom just the way she is

I'm very happy for you! I love my mom very much but I wish she was more empathetic at times..

my moms not perfect either and i wish things of her too, but when i do i feel bad about it because i know she tries her best. i understand how that could be frustrating but you can pick friends that have qualities she doesn't have