My Girlfriend.

my girlfriend had been in relationships where the had been abused and so on, where she has been hurt physicaly and mentaly, and along with her dad just found out that he wasnt well made her all the worse. i meet her in year 8, we almost clicked but we didnt know it, but we were just friends back then, we grew closer till almost best friends till she started having break downs and so on, she starved her self its been over a year now. as we became closer i became more into her life, and then when she was having her break downs (which were quite bad at the time) i was there for her which she needed. in the break down times she would have such a go at me and tell me to **** off and everything but i knew she needed help so i carryd on helping her, she asked me why i kept on trying to help her even when she was so 'bitchy', i said because your my best friend and you are like my everything, even tho i had a girlfriend at the time i was still loyal to her but also loyal to both. so she was pleased i sticked with her throught those messy times. well as time went on i noticed she tryed to run away from me, and oneday her and myself had a talk and she explain that she liked me, even tho i was with another girl and this made it so hard for her. but time went on and with my girlfriend things got messy and she didnt tell me things and she almost like treated me like ****, so then i didnt have a choice this was making me so depressed, and so i ended it, it was so so so hard to do but it was right and all throught that my best friend was there with me all the time. and we grew closer and closer till we started dating, she sais she is so thank full for me, she said before i came along she didnt believe in love, nor true love but now we believe we are inlove and have each other. so from this storie my storie, it shows that throught the thickest of things there is a light at the end of the tunnel. it doesnt have to be love at first sight, it taken me and her about 3 years till we got together and now its been 7 months. but as i sey to other people who think its impossible, there is someone out there for you, it may take somtime to find him/her but in the end it will be worth it and then you will know what happiness is, and the time you spent you wont regret.
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everyone has hope in love. everyone has there ups and downs in life which make it hard for them to think strait and think its impossible, but there is this one person who wich will turn your whole life round and really show you what beutiful means and what happiness trully means. money cant buy you happiness because true happiness is from the heart.

Thanks for giving everyone hope for finding love one day despite all the crap that might be happening right now.