Can't Seem to Get Back Into the Game

I went through a break up about 7 months ago.  It was fine at first but then got pretty painful... we are currently not speaking.


Aside from the pain that this causes me, I have another issue.  I have tried to warm up to the idea of dating people since, but can't seem to get back into the game... first I just wasn't interested, then it seemed like there were no prospects, then all of a sudden there are several prospects... and I'm dealing with them by pretending like they are "new friend" interactions and keeping things completely platonic.  When I feel like I might be interested in someone I retreat into fear and shame, a lot of shame.  I avoid spending time with them and feel confused about how I should act around them.  I get even worse when they show me interest back.

This is out of the ordinary for me, and is new since my break up.  I'm not hung up on my ex, although I have some residual issues about how things were ended.  I'm a little bit afraid I will never be interested in dating again, or at least that I'll let some great opportunities pass me by, which I seem to be doing now. 

What do I do?

onetwothree onetwothree
22-25, T
Mar 17, 2009