Entirely Irrational

So I've notied that I love commenting on people's stuff but I never really know when to add them to my circle. If it were up to me, I would add a bunch of amazing people to my circle, but then I have this irrational fear of it.

I guess I am afraid they won't understand why I'm adding them to my circle, or maybe they'll not want to be added to my circle. See, it's just me being stupid, because people add me to their circles all the time and even if I don't even remember them commenting on anything of mine I still say, "Cool, great, thanks" but I'm just lame and don't do it. Don't know why. Anyone out there have any advice...

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Very interesting! Greek myths have always fascinated me but I've never really been able to read up much on it. Cool! I usually come on here at night time, becausew that's really the only time I have to do anything! Sleep is so overrated! :-)

I just saw this...sorry for the late reply, Yellowrhapsody. Good points, all. Thanks!<br />
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My screen name comes from Nyx, the Greek goddess of night. I'm a night-time kinda gal, preferring the soothing tranquility of the night over the harsh light and chaos of the day.

Well, if you were a complete stranger, and the person you were trying to befriend was a bit paranoid, MAYBE then they would be justified in thinking you're dangerous! ;) Otherwise, its all a matter of what other people believe to be respectful, and if they don't respond, maybe it just means they wouldn't have been the best sort of friend anyway! :)<br />
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Oh, and thanks, I like my name too! Rhapsody is my favorite word. Can I ask what your name means?

Thanks, Yellowrhapsody. (Love your screen name, BTW!) It's not that I feel that the people I've added owe me something in return as much as it would be nice just to be acknowledged, such as by a wave or smile. That way at least I'd know they weren't put off! I mean, I don't THINK I come off like an ax murderer! ;)

I don't think its expecting too much. Limiting a cricle still strikes me as sort of weird: imagine if in real life, meeting a new person only to have them tell you, "I'm sorry, I have enough friends." At the same time, I don't think ignoring someone is necessarily the greatest way to handle it, so its okay to feel snubbed. It's happened to me!

do what i if you like whatyou see add them to your circlr xx

I've wondered about this as well. After I've had some interesting interchanges with people, and if they seem like someone I'd like to add, I usually wave to them and then add them. Most people respond positively, but some just ignore me. It makes me feel a bit rejected, as if I'm not good enough or something, but maybe that's my problem! I can understand if people are limiting their circles because they have all they can manage as is, but it would be nice if they would just tell you so instead of ignoring you. Or (and I DON'T mean this sarcastically) is that expecting too much?

Well, quiet people aren't all that bad...most quiet people are just shy. Maybe Michael is just very VERY shy, so shy he begins speaking in code???? ;)

Apparently this spammer is starting a new trend! <br />
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Anyway, I can't think of a time anyone's rejected adding me to their circle. Wouldn't it be awful if someone did, and then made fun of you? I don't think there's anyone quite that cruel on EP. It's a very friendly bunch here...other than our enigmatic spamming friend! :)

Asking is something I usually end up doing, or send them a friendly email to say hi. It makes sense, and it also makes friendship all that more real, if that makes any sense!<br />
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As for our timebomb, one can only wait and see...is there some Fedex-appreciating experience out there yet? I wonder if anyone will be able to understand it if he does write one--his writing style is a bit cryptic.

I usually send a message when I add someone, and if someone adds me and I don't know why I ask them how they noticed me...

Hmm, sort of creepy...wonder why he chose my story. How strange. Wonder if he is going to do anything else? :)

Ah yes, low-self-esteem is a bit of an epidemic isn't it? :P Oh well, at least we have wonderful people like you to bring us out of our shyness and remind us of why its good to reach out of our comfort zone once in a while! <br />
Maybe we could all practice and join Michael's circle ;-) (Just kidding of course!)

Yes, he did seem sort of robotic! Oh well... :D<br />
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Yes, I was glad when I finally made the initiative to add you. And as for my comments, I try my best...I don't usually have much time to stay on here and write comments as well as I would given a moment to think things through, but they come out nonetheless. Your comments and thoughts are brilliant though, very inspiring and thoughtful! Thank you!

Errr....you lost me...What?

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Uh huh, that about sums it up. :)