I Feel Weird

It isn't always a problem but sometimes i just feel awkward. I would have added a lot more people by now if i didn't fear the rejection. There are so many people that i think will think i am strange so i just put off adding them until later.


I might just sound ridiculous.

Tacit Tacit
22-25, F
6 Responses Aug 6, 2008

i don't really put too much thought into whether i should add someone. If i do a little 'research' on the person, things we have in common, etc..... i'll add them, because i've 'related' or whatever to a story etc... If they don't feel the same, that's okay...you can't please everyone!!! lol

hehe Thanks.<br />
I guess i should just do it next time i see some one i want to lol<br />

I know what you mean...when I first came on here, I was scare to "take the plunge" so to speak. Then, I realized that if someone didn't want to friend me...hey, not a big deal. Besides, I can't think of anyone who *wouldn't* want to add you! :)

: )

Thank you! :D

I can understand that, I used to be that way too. I would add them anyway though. If they don't add you back, their loss. I think you're awesome! : D