Nick <3

 i can't remember a time when nick wasn't in my life, and i really i don't want to remember, hes in the army and soon to go to training, it kills me everytime he goes, so how am i going to deal when he leaves. I am so proud of him for what he is doing hes an amazing lad for what hes doing, but its just scary, how do i deal?


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2 Responses Jan 21, 2010

thank you so much! thats so nice of you, and i've been told it gets easier, i just can't imagine not seeing him. and i talk to him over and over again. and he hasn't even left yet, but his mind set is there, and im proud of him but im just idk, im just scared.

I just had to deal with letting the love of my life go to basic training, and im not going to lie to you it was probably the single hardest thing i have ever had to do. But it is getting easier, it does with each passing day. You just gotta remember that he loves you soo much, and this expierence will only make you guys closer together, trust me. He is going to miss him just as much if not more than you miss him, and he will let you know. The letters you recieve are going to be like gold, and your going to cherish them. Being an army girlfriend is absolutely something special, and will def teach you strength and Courage. I am here to talk if you need someone to talk with, its only been 3 days for me but its already getting a little bit easier to deal with. Im just trying to keep busy with friends and work, and what also helps is even though i dont even have his address yet, i have been writing him everyday, it makes it seem like i have some sort of communication with him. Hang in there honey and if you need to talk im here.<br />
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