For Moo

I have been starting to consider what your type is, bearing in mind the pics you have posted


So a present for you






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6 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Sagsalot has bad taste in men...

It's my morning constitution that is keeping me in the bathroom today... but that's another story.<BR><BR>He looks like he needs one of those poppers on the Thanksgiving turkey.. cuz he is WELL DONE... and i'm glad he's wearing a cross, cuz I need a good Christian man like that.. LOL<BR><BR>~ step aside BeBe - HE'S MINE ~

Has anyone out there seen the Sponge Bob 'tanning' episode..... This reminds me of that...<BR><BR>Flutters and BeBe - you are not good for my morning disposition.. I really should wait until after lunch to look at these pics..<BR><BR>~ it's too early for Bailey's in my coffee ~

in reference to the Friends episode... i think he didn't understand the directions in the tanning spray booth... hehe

If you say so...

Someone is going to have skin cancer...