Love Gets As Love Gives. (supposedly)

How true this is?  I can not say. I know it has not been for me. I am starting to look at it from another perspective too. It seems that from my PTSD group I do not want anyone who can love me, as I do not see me worthy of being loved. There fore I am I am stopped from loving anyone. The group did not figure that out, I did. Besides at 63 there is not anough time left for love. It has been so long sense I made love that I am not sure if it still works.  I guess I would say only you can tell if you have the kind of heart that can stand to be broken. One thing is for sure, Unless you are willing to take the risk (and in your heart) you know that the one you pick is real and true to you then do not go in to it. Do not let infatuation cover what the person you love is hiding. If there is not solid communication then there can not be solid love. Love is not easy. It is what you and your other put in to it and only as strong as you both make it. These are my view points for what they are worth. "nough said" I will shut up now.

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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

Great way of putting it and I enjoyed reading this.