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Wont Accept Me

im afraid to let people no the real me because im scared that theyre going to be judgemental of me. Im afraid that people arnt going to accept me and that if someone sees the real me then they are not going to like me and leave.
lolajonson lolajonson 16-17, F 1 Response Feb 21, 2011

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My Friend. We each have faced the many problem's that come with moving through the age that you are at now. The journey has started where you are no longer the child that you once were but not yet the person you will be in the year's yet to come. There are still many more " growing pain's " yet to come.<br />
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You worry about not being accepted by other's if they " really " got to know you. Here is a fact. 99 % of the people that you worry about right now are just people that you are passing in life and once you leave school may never run into again. It is that other 1 % that are important. These are the one's that will be a part of your life for many year's to come. These are the one's that really know the real you and you them. They will be true friend's and will add to your life. They accept you, for you.<br />
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Here is another fact. There will alway's be sombody, somwhere all through your life that will judge, make fun of or look down at you just to make themselve's feel bigger in their own eye's. It could be a coworker, the person nextdoor or just some idiot you just happen to run into. I am 55 and still deal with this type here and there. <br />
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What is REALLY important it that you be true to YOURSELF. Be yourself. If you hide part's of yourself then they are getting to know a fake you. Do YOU want fake friend's ? We each have flaw's and are different in our own way's and that is what make's us who we are and not just another part of the crowd. Have faith in yourself. <br />
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Me !! I happen to like who I am and accept myself flaw's and all. I look at it this way. If you dont want to accept me for who I am and be my friend, it is your loss because I can be a great friend. Above all else I must live with myself, I must look at myself in the mirror each morning and be able to look myself in the eye's and love the person looking back at me. I DO : )<br />
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Do me a favor please. Google a poem called The Man In The Looking Glass. Read and reread it and then go look in the mirror. Let me know what you see. My Best.