Trust Is The Key To Everything.

Trust is the most important thing I have ever known in my life. I'm afraid to trust because promises are never kept. There is no such thing as secrets. I'm afraid to trust because I never tell the whole truth, I make up small stories because I am ashamed of what people might think or say. I'm afraid to trust because I'm afraid of getting hurt if someone dares to tell my life. My life!!!! " How could you? I thought you would never tell anyone. I trusted you and most of all i thought you were my best friend. How am i ever going to trust you again ??? Your unfaithful and ur defitnely not my best friend!!!!" It's already too late. Have you ever felt like everyone knew something personal about you and all they would do is stare. I felt like that once, I cried infront of everybody and just put my head down. " I knew I never was able to trust you. I knew you were going to tell someone. What if a teacher finds out ? What am I suppose to do lie and tell them it was just a rumor." That exactly what she wanted me to do. She wanted me to lie. I felt betrayed, it was already too late my secret is already out and everyone knows. I am afraid to trust because once upon time my "best friend" told everyone what was going on. What I was doing? I thought she would help me but instead she imbarrased me, it was like she wanted revenge like if she did it on purpose. I am afraid to trus. Trust does not exsist anymore.

I am afraid to trust and I belive that Trust does not exsist anymore, its just a word in a dictionary that someone made up and thought things will change for once. But he or she was wrong. Till this day I still dont trust any one . 

I remember that day when I left school someone came up to me and asked me "Do you C-U-T yourself?"

roviani12 roviani12
Mar 10, 2010