Afraid to Write Some Things About Myself!

I have a lot of things to say!  I know everyone does; but is there anyone else who has something they would love to tell but just cant?  This is something that I am aching to talk about and it just bothers me so very bad that I can hardly contain it but if I say anything and it gets into the *wrong hands* it can cause a lot of trouble for a couple of people (probably) in the future!  I cannot even say what it is about because it is that important to the people to whom I am alluding!!  LOL!!! I cannot even say whom, but they are both very close to me!  It really, really sucks!! 

samaritan samaritan
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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

thank you, Winter! I guess that might work but I am not afraid of just saying it here; I am afraid of even putting it on my computer (some might call me an alarmist; perhaps a conspiritist; dunno! I do have trust issues, somewhat, since I deal with PTDS every day,

Oh my yes, I know how that feels! You feel like you're going to bursts at the seams if you don't get it off your chest! <br />
Maybe you could Pm someone you trust, and that way the whole world doesn't read it. :)