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There is only one person in my life that knows everything about me, my husband.  There are some things I can't talk to him about , hence this site.  However, some things are illegal and some things I just don't want any one to know should they recognize details about me.

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Thanks, Smugit.....I appreciate the support...

you could post anonymously in the confessions maybe that will help a bit! hugs you for the harsh times you are having!

Actually, I have as little trust in humankind as do you....and walls just as high and thick. That's why EP meant so much to me, and continues to do gave/gives me the chance to talk about things that peeps in my RL would not understand or for which they would judge me . With the help of my friends here, the walls are beginning to come down...for better or for worse. <br />
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I take no offense at your opinion...I just respectfully disagree....(smiles back...)

ersatz,<br />
I have no idea for what reason you came to EP. The reason I came was support through a sexless marriage. If I only wanted "friends" to bs with, I would have stayed on Facebook alone. There are many social networking sites from which to choose. EP had a very different dynamic. It promised a "safe" way to express inner feelings...indeed, encouraged such, and for the most part, the people I have run into have been very accepting people....eager to listen and to help. <br />
Have you considered the EPeeps who are here to get out feelings that have been repressed, for one reason or another, in "real life"? EP encourages you to share your experiences in order to find people who identify with to do that without expressing the truth? The safety EP promises is tied to anonymity. My name was put out there by a former EPeep, Allenw...not of my own volition...and Tiger's stb ex knows my identity, and now has free run through all my private writings. I don't fault EP for this, and take full responsibility for the things I write. I have revealed my true identity to select EPeeps whom I trust, but no one else....coming to this site with the express purpose of finding secrets about me to use against me in my real life is , to my mind, unconscionable and unforgivable.

While I appreciate your opinion, if I can say no more than that, why be here at all?

Thanks for the comment, sugarnspice4u. I fail to see the "catchy",'s a simple statement about my fear of writing certain things here. This story was written over a year ago, when I first came to EP. Since then, I met my present fiance, on EP....and we now live together. My fear of being recognized has been born out, too. My fiance's stb ex knows about this site.....and has created an account here in order to harass us, keep tabs on us, and find out extremely personal things about me, with which to berate me. There is no telling if she has copied any of my writings, but if she has, she could very easily cause trouble for me ...there are things here I would not want my parents knowing. EP is supposed to be a safe place to discuss things you cannot discuss openly, and to get support when needed. Without the guarantee that things won't be used against you, what good is this site? I am extremely put out that she would invade my haven, my therapy....I would NEVER intrude on HER therapy (and , rest assured, she IS in therapy, and has been for years.). It seems that among other things, she has absolutely no respect for the purpose of EP....she has hijacked my "safe place". Seems my fears were warranted.

Wow sxdup, good and catchy way of getting attention from EP ehhh ..hmmm I wonder if you are certain your husband is not one of them under other username?? Mind you there are plenty such cases a couple chatting online thought they were in love with someone else turned out to be they were chatting with their own spouse lol... well here me or not I am just being a pest... sorry if this bothers you .. keep cool now and I am out of here...good luck!

Good for you, dvijay, that's what ep is here for. Welcome!! P.

We or atleast myself have joined ep to openly talk the mind out.So nothing to hide.

You can talk to me anytime. Your secret is safe with me.