Of Making The Same Mistakes, Again, Again And Again

I realised awhile ago that I have a pattern of hanging on to something for much longer than I should because I am scared of moving on. What seems to usually happen is that I throw myself completly into something and don't seem to realise it's time to take a break until I have destroyed all passion for what I'm doing and have neglected all other aspects of my life. I end up making a real mess of everything. I thought that since I was aware of the pattern I would be attune to any warning signals which would prevent me from making the mistake again. BUT it seems not. A recent discussion at work revealed that yet again, I have clung on to something for too long. To the point where my boss told me I was deteriorating and needed to look for another job.
How is it that change seems to come so easily to some people? I seem to be completely unaware of when change is required and muddle along until Im forced out - either due to the detriment of my own mental health or now it seems, because I drive everybody else nuts and they want rid of me.
Sounds stupidly dramatic but I feel like Im doomed to make this same mistake forever.
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Thanks for the insights.<br />
Mimitutu - I do think Im loyal and sincere, both good qualities, thank you :) I also think there may be some truth in 'getting above myself' - not as cynically as you put it, but in that I have genuinely grown out of the job, there isn't really any higher to go unless I go management. You are right in that I get sad about the moving on - I guess that's the clinging part, I need to see the future as an adventure, not something scary - something gained, rather than lost.<br />
Curiousjoeb - change jobs ever three years? Hehe this current one I have been at on and off for almost 10! And the committed relationship has happened already, 7 years. Thanks for your thoughts though, I feel like you are telling me to loosen up, relax about it, which is good advice in the face of the changes that seem to be happening in my life at the moment.

most bosses tell you that. its a way of controlling you. in case you get above yourself and give them a headache. you may not be hanging on to things but you may be steady loyal and sincere in what you do. this makes people jealouse. you need to get aware and prepare for moving on without taking it personally or getting sad about it.