I Am Afraid Of Big Dogs - Specifically When They're Running Towards Me Growling

I admit it; I have a fear of dogs. Especially big ones. MOST especially Pit Bull Terriors and Rottweilers (also German Shepards, Dobermans, Chows, and any other big dog that has an aggressive reputation). Listen to this story, and maybe you'll understand. My daughter had just gotten on the bus for school. I was walking back home, minding my own business. Suddenly, I noticed two big brown shapes moving around in a yard up ahead. I had never seen dogs there before, but trusted that neighbors in a so-called nice community where kids get on school busses and moms walk by in the morning would not have dogs that run out onto the street threatening to attack. Nevertheless, I did cross to the other side of the street...kind of hoping the dogs wouldn't see me go by.

Well..bottom line...they did see me! And MAN...they started rushing out of that yard..FULL SPEED AHEAD..snarling and growling....it was one of the most frightening moments of my life! They (the experts) warn, "DON'T RUN!" But I did! I ran right into another yard on my side of the street, and luckily, that stopped them..WHEW! I hate to think what would have happened if they'd "gotten" me! I think my face might have been ripped off..that's how angry and violent they were! Why? I was just walking past the house, quietly, on the OPPOSITE side of the street, no less! How is this even legal? They came OUT OF THE YARD and ONTO THE STREET! Yes, I called the police. And the cop said he would talk to the owner. But did I walk by that house again? Not on your life!

Unfortunately, that incident made an already-existing dog phobia of mine ten times worse! I went online. I saw stories of people who have been attacked and/or killed by pitt bulls. Now I feel like I can't even walk past houses any more, for fear a big dog is going to run out of the yard and try to attack me. I get really nervous any time I just see a pitt bull terrior - or any big dog, loping around a yard. I imagine walking past that yard. What would happen? I know not all dogs are bad. Many are quite nice! Unfortunately, they also have the ability to kill you if they so desire. Maybe that's why I have cats!
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Unfor these breeds often get a bad rep because of the way they are trained. So it's not the dog's fault, but the owner's fault. That being said. some dogs just naturally have more aggressive personalities. In fact, I've heard that owners of pit bulls and rottweilers actually have to pay more insurance, because of their "dangerous" pet.