My Husband And I

well my husband wants me to do every thing around the house and to his standers he consently tells me that he going to clean the intire trailer and through out only mine stuff not his or our son stuff my son is 2 and he also tells me that if i have to leave i cant take him with me he also drinks alot so what can i do also my son check is in his name and goes for the traler (the rent)
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2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

no one is perfect...even if this one is you! you maybe have some bad things and ur husband may have some bad things too..every one has some bad things but we have to survive and to live even if there's a problems...we may survive cuz we have a son cuz we have a family and we don't want our family to get disappeared...<br />
sorry for my crappy english :)

dat is verbal abuse. ur son and u should leave and move into your own trailer dat way u wouldn't have to worry about someone treating u dat way...