Im about to go to college. I just got accepted and it's only the beginning of my senior year. But I know better than to ask for sympathy and that's not what I want. I'd like a clue. Just a hint or a glimpse into the future ten years from now. I'm working very hard trying to maintain everything but I'm not getting much help or support from my parents. And I'm also gonna major in a VERY competitive field. Counseling psychology seems great for me but I don't wanna do all this just to be unsuccessful. I'm not worried about now I'm worried about the future. I'm working really hard trying to make myself ready but there's just so much to do and I know it doesn't get any easier from here. I'm prepared to work my *** off as long as I get rewarded like I deserve. But you can't count on that in life. You're not supposed to because you need to prepare for the worst. I just don't understand why my family wanted me to be a lawyer or doctor but I know they aren't prepared to pay for that and I'm honestly not passionate about medicine or law.
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Life can be really stressful if one ends up doing what they don't want to rather than what they adore. College scared me to death when I first began, but I stuck to it and it changed my life completely. Here is a quote that was given to a class that I was in which could possibly help you, "College, you go in one way and come out another". Another source of personal inspiration was the song by Foreigner I want to know what love is and the lyrics with it.