My Fault??

I am 25years old and all my friends have abandoned me. I used to go out every weekend partying with my friends but when i met my Girlfriend 4 years ago i stopped going out, not completely, but was the very rare occasion. The more time i spent with her it seemed the less they wanted to know me, it wasn't because they disapproved as when they met her or she came out with us she was always bubbly and made an effort. The phonecalls and texts soon stopped and i was just being snubbed not even being asked if i wanted to go out maybe they were just fed up of me saying no but i was establishing a life with the girl i loved. Even my bestfriends' birthday came round and i rang him to see if he had any plans which he said no he was snowed under with work, only to find out the next day on facebook all the boys were at his flat having a party asked him what the story was to which he replied it was a last minute thing but funny thing is i live 2mins away. My idea of a friend is someone who will stand by you no matter what but obviously not. Is this my fault because i commited myself so much to my girlfriend?? I was always the life and soul of the party keeping the fun going and the laughs coming so i cant understand why this is happening. My confidence has taking a thrashing and i find it hard to have a conversation with anyone now. This is really getting me down and i feel i have no one to talk too. Has anyone got a view on my situation should i forget about my friends like they have me or should I start to make an effort like nothing has happened??

Thanks for reading
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Jan 15, 2013