I'm Afraid of a Lot of Things...

But right now, what I'm really afraid of...Is spiders. I was sleeping last night, and checked my bed as usual, because I'm paranoid of getting bit when I still my body under the covers...Well I should have checked the ceiling too, because one came down and crawled on my head.
    I thought it was a recluse because it was that color, but it turned out not to be. I think it bit me. But I'm okay, so I'm assuming that it's not one of those, and since that was almost 24 hours ago...
    I got out the raid to kill it and it jumped at me twice, and then was on the floor somewhere. Well I got rid of the raid, cus that wasn't working. Then it was crawling on the floor toward me, and so I grabbed my heavy weight and dropped it on it. My weight bounced and squished it.
    After that I stayed up an hour later, which was 4am at the time, and I read a book to relax. The rest of the night as I tried to sleep, I kept waking up fearfully in case of other spiders. Well, as you can imagine I didn't sleep well. I was tense, and barely moved around at all.
    So right now, my biggest fear is getting bitten by a spider. T_T I'm a coward yes, but thats what happens when spiders crawl all over you and bite you.
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There are only two poisonous spiders in North America (so far) the Large Black Widow Female (smaller brown male) and the Brown Recluse. Both can make you very sick and you could die if not treated. The Brown Recluse leaves a blue and read Bullseye Target around its bite. It must be treated immediately so that dead skin does not have to be cut away later. The skin will rot around the bite .... so if you live in an area where this is really a problem I suggest having a bed with bed posts on all four corners and just put a mosquito net over the bed at night. It is not that hard to do. It really is a good idea to check under your cover before jumping into bed as well.

Debunkifyme - Sounds like the same thing I was going through when I wrote this story. I'm still like that around my bed before I go to sleep. However, I just kill most of them, and if it's poisonous I get someone else to kill it. Lmfao. Scary horror story for you, a spider made a nest and babies hatched near my bed, they made a ginormus web. They were EVERYWHERE. I was so terrified i couldn't sleep and spent a good part of the AM's cleaning before I went to sleep. I was up all night itchin.

HOLY TOLEDO. I'm afraid of spiders too... I check my bed every night... andddd if there's ever a spot on the ground or something I immeadiatly think.. OH MAH GAWD, SPIDA?! The past two nights I've found spiders and... now I feel like they're everywhereeee D: I'm always cautious when I walk through a doorway because I feel like there's a spider on the other side of the door like on the door fr<x>ame waiting to jump on me.<br />
<br />
blehh I can feel them crawling all over me :(

No, but spiders arouse fear, especially the big and hairy ones. Urgh... Lucky me who lives in a colder climate... It is natural instinct to be afriad of spiders, especially if some are poisonous; this fear might save your life some day. who knows? :)