I Am Fearful

I'm afraid of people, I'm afraid of them judging me, i'm afraid of them misjudging me. I hate it when people stare. I'm afraid my life might not ever begin. I'm afraid I'll spend the rest of my life being afraid, not taking any real chances.
Spice99857 Spice99857
22-25, F
2 Responses Jun 21, 2007

same here , always afraid

I know what you are feeling love, i used to be like that even worse. After years of feeling like that i went to the docs they treated me for depression. The pills helped me a lot but i had to do something else as well to help me with my self being.<br />
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I started reading books to help me with my confidence, It takes a long time to start feeling better. Also reading positive books on how to feel comfortable with yourself so u can be comfortable with other people. <br />
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Well what i am saying is you should pick up the courage to start doing something about it, If you want to speak about anything you are more then welcome to give me a chat. <br />
It is your life and you should take charge.<br />
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Hope to hear from you. LYNX