I Went to the Dr

I went to the dr..i m afraid..i didnt do much..blood test,x ray and he put me to lay on something like a bed..dont know what its called..he said he wanted to see something about brain?at first he said i wasnt looking ok and gave me a list of food i should eat and said no nescafe.He said i should go tomorrow with my parents coz its serious.I told him we ll go to paphos tomorrow and said i should tell them to see him tomorrow.I dont know..I told my parents but instead of talking they started arguing about not going to paphos...
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Do you feel the hug I am sending to you? You are in my thoughts my good friend!

hang in there they ive it should be alright.


Hey gurl things will be ok, don't worry :)<br />


It means to choose between different choices.<br />
<br />
But they are going, as they should, you'll be ok, dont worry!

dilema?what u mean?

you are in a dilema arent you?