Terrified.... Actually


All my life I had pretended that nothing bothers me - nothing makes me cry,nothing makes me feel disappointed.

I never let people know my real feelings - until now that is -

and one fine morning I realised that I am afraid of what tomorrow brings.

I gave up on many oppurtunities - telling myself I am not ready for it,missed chances  telling myself that I want to do something better to do with my life , I will so something when I know what I want to do -

and thats it - I haven't done anything at all - it feels like I am static and the whole world is rushing by me.



musee musee
2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Do not focus on what you have not done in the past. Focus on today and the future because THAT is what you now have. Don't waste the REST of your life, and do not vex yourself for the way you were in the past. Make a dedication - to YOURSELF - that for today and every day that you live, you're going to live to the fullest. You're going live each day with gusto and open up to people, meet new people and do new things. Have new experiences. Remember: Life is a gift given to you.... and you are blessed by having so much more life ahead of you. Cancel out the past by remaking the future, choose the BETTER path for yourself and just explore and experience life and people. It is never too late!

It's ok to show people how you feel. <br />
only do things when you're ready to do them. don't put any pressure on yourself to do anything that you don't want to do because that way, you'll feel worse.<br />
Take time to think things through, think about what you really want to do with your life. <br />
when the time is right, things will get better.