I hate the feeling of being out of control. Vomiting is so inevitable and once you know you're going to be sick, you can try to distract yourself of feebly administer lay 'medical' aid ('I know - water! Lovely, lovely water and maybe an Alka Selzer!'), but it churns and rumbles like an oncoming train. I hate the noise it makes. I hate the way, as you lean limply over the toilet bowl, struck dumb for a second by the grimness of it all, you always accidentally smell the sick splattered there and make yourself vomit again. I hate the smell.

Last time I was sick, it was so awful. I had a night out and had to get several buses and a train home and vomited all the way. I crawled home to find the Wimbledon final on. Roger Federer vs someone. I was taken aback by his beauty and was wonderfully soothed by the whole occasion. From there grew my most uncharacteristic love of tennis.

I still hate vomiting, though.
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1 Response Jan 7, 2012

i hate vomiting to in pain for the rest of the week just like know