Not For Weak Stomachs

When I have a stomach virus, it is worse than anything for me.  This is rather odd to share, but I will share it anyway.  When I puke, I make the loudest noise ever.  My nose bleeds, and it comes out both nostrils.  My eyes water and I sweat.  The smell makes me want to pass out.  It is like I am leaking all body fluids at once.  That is why I cannot stand to be sick.  I am afraid of it.

18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

good way to think of it.

hmmm...thats a deep insight to share...haha...on a serious note...nobody likes it dudette...i hate it too...but most of the times its good bcoz body throws out all the unwanted material...think of it in this way..if a thing u hate out of ur body, how can u think of keeping it inside...

gee, thanks.